Golden Ticket Chore Charts


**Available in toddler and kids version. Please put in notes at checkout what version you would like! 

Who else struggles with getting their kids to do chores or even simple tasks like getting ready for the day?! 

After trying what fills like a million other chore charts we finally made one that works! 

Our golden ticket chore chart encourages your child to do daily tasks independently and quickly. Laying them out step by step makes it not so overwhelming for them to accomplish what they need to do! 

Each chart includes a AM and PM list of things to do, with a few extra lines at the bottom for you to write in an extra chores or activities they may have. 

We have found it best works like this:

*Put the chart somewhere in your Childs room where they can easily use it. 

*Have them start at the top and move down the list, they can cross out each thing or put a check or stick next to it when they have accomplished an item.

*After they have done all the items they will tear off the top sheet and come and give it to you. 

*You then will go through and check their items and if they completed all of them you can tear off the bottom gold foil GOLDEN TICKET and put it in a cute container for them.

*Repeat with the PM routine

What to do with the golden tickets? 

The options are endless! We use ours for allowance. So at the end of the week we count up their Golden Tickets and they cash them in for money. 

We also use it has an accountability chart. Our rule is they can not play with friends or have free time until they have earned their golden ticket for the day. 

Other ideas: 

A treat

Screen Time

A special activity with a family member or friend

New toy

Free Time

Really whatever motivates your child! 

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